time out

[the selby via sfgirlbybay]

Looking for a spot to catch my breath. And suggestions for some good books. Because if I watch another minute of the Jersey Shore I might kill myself.


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  1. Hi. “The Shadow of the Wind”, “The Year of the Flood”, “Passion”, “The Pillars of the Earth” are all favourites of mine. Enjoy your me-time. Jane

  2. Your Jersey Shore comment actually made me really laugh. I haven’t actually seen any of them for that very reason! Book: Microserfs by Douglas Coupland … very funny classic. Girlfriend in a Coma was also good by Coupland also.

  3. What do you like? I just finished The Glass Castle (serious but thought provoking) and some detective story by T. Jefferson Parker that I enjoyed immensely.

  4. Ahaha on Jersey Shore. seriously. anything by David Sedaris always makes me laugh. xo