quality of character

[dwell, sand studios]

“I suppose Corian or granite would have required less maintenance,” muses Suzanne, “but they could never impart this quality of character and life.

Oh, marble, beautiful marble.


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  1. I adore this kitchen. It is in my “someday” file. I am sure this was all custom fabricated and cost a small fortune, and the fabricators thought the designer was crazy.

  2. wow I sort of lost my breathe there for a second. what a kitchen!

  3. it is very beautiful indeed, but not all that functional. Do you believe you can use it effectively or can you use a single cup before washing it first because the upper shelf-like-cabinets has no isolation what so ever and all the dishes will eventually be covered in dust. =)) Don’t wanna be a mood breaker but that’s (kitchens) what I do for living at the time being as an interior designer. Just wanted to give you a bit of hint ;)But still, dream a little dream..

  4. Wow, what a stunning kitchen! Those cabinets are unreal.

  5. a fresh perspective on a modern kitchen. I’m in love with the marble and wood touches. your blog is fabulous- just found you through tumbr. will follow from now on.