lost and found

I spent a good hour or two in a very kooky antique store today fully geeking out over boxes and boxes of old photos. These are just three from a big pile I ended up buying. As I was paying, an old woman in the store said to me, “Isn’t it so sad? All these photos like this? Sometimes I buy some just to give them a home.”


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  1. I do that too!


    That’s a pic of two I picked up last month…

    Love your blog, thanks for all the inspiration!

  2. good finds!

  3. How lovely. I think photos are so wonderful. Such a fun form of visual memory. Its sad to think that they were disposed of. But great that you picked them up.

  4. I buy vintage photos too. It creeped my mom out that I was buying pictures of people I didn’t know and hanging them on the wall.

    she dug up a bunch of our photos so I could have real family members:)

  5. the exact same thing happened with my dad! he was like, “why did you pay money for these? i have a lot of family photos that look just like this.”

  6. They look so happy in those pics.