[1 abigail claire, 2 field & sea via pjb, 3 bferry, 4 samantha french via field & sea, 5 allure, 6&13 cristobal palma,
7 a life more fab, 8 unknown, 9 remodelista, 10 unknown, 11 huck, 12 mark tipple via saturdays,
14&19 little plastic horses, 15 bferry 16 sfgirlbybay, 17 marcus ohlsson, 18 design files, 20 tumblr, 21 lolita]

A monster collage of images I somehow managed to collect while trying to avoid the internet over my vacation. Do you ever wonder why you’re so visually drawn to certain things at certain times? I do.

Happy weekend.




  1. i want that office chair.

    it IS odd the things i’m drawn to.

  2. gorgeous as usual. and now i really really want to go to the beach!

  3. Absolutely stunning collection of photos…

  4. Gorgeous collection of images!