sugar love

I’m officially another year older today. If I had my wish, I’d stuff my face with gluten-free, vegan goodies from NJ’s Sweet Avenue Bake Shop. I took these pics on my recent trip, shortly after the love affair began.


*Tape strips courtesy of Creature Comforts

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  1. happy birthday from slovakia ๐Ÿ™‚
    btw I love your blog, posts, photographs, interiors aln all !

  2. Happy birthday! Hope your life is as sweet as those tasty cupcakes and as interesting and stylish as your blog!

  3. happy birthday !! i’ve just discovered your blog and it’s such a good inspiration for me
    love it

  4. sweet pictures. And stripes are also nice. Happy birthday!!!

  5. Happy birthday lady! love the wonderful images you share with us, and the playful titles!

    be extra kind to yourself today!

  6. happy happy birthday!:)

    not sure if I’ve ever left a comment here before.. love your blog!

  7. thanks so much for the comments!!

  8. Oh my goodness – Happy Birthday Jenny! I am so glad you stopped by – I can’t wait to catch up on your beautiful pages here. Aloha!

  9. Happy Birthday (belated..)
    Hope you had a fab day and that you were celebrated in style and abundance!! x

    The cupcakes look suitably delicious and I would have happily spend my birthday close to a big tray of those!

    Also love the new blog banner.

    xx C