natural light

[54 bond via habitually chic]

Prime New York real estate. Can I borrow $15 mil?


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  1. Oh, Jenny. You blog is heaven.

  2. The light is divine! Beautiful!

  3. what a great apartment…so much light and space.

  4. thank you, louise!

  5. I love this..and I am loving your blog with all the visuals πŸ˜€ The dining room is so airy and elegant … πŸ™‚


  6. Ahahah I would borrow you the money (if I had it) if you let me move in with you! ahahah πŸ˜€

  7. I am so beyond in love with your blog. It makes life so much better. If you are ever in NYC will you contact me? I do a photo project called 365 heartbeats (, I would love to photograph you for it. please! Thanks for the amazing, heavenly posts.

  8. oh wow, what a beautiful floor. Love (!) your blog.

  9. thanks!!