1. Hello jenny!
    Have you watched “Runaway”? It’s the 35mins video clip that Kanye West directed. I think you might like it, it’s really aesthetical!
    Have a nice day!
    x. Nina

  2. yes, of course, nina! the visuals were stunning, weren’t they?

  3. not to mention insanely stylish. like woah.

  4. i couldn’t possibly agree more.

  5. Lost in the World…on repeat. Sometimes you just have to forget the personality and listen to the tunes.

  6. yes! the bon iver collabos are great.

  7. I have to say – I DO think he’s a D-bag, but I still love some of his stuff. I’ll have to check out your suggestions.


  8. Yes visuals are stunning, I especially liked the part with the ballet dancers, really poetic and tortured at the same time!