It’s a time for firsts and lasts. Yesterday was my last day of work (yikes!) and today I’m heading to the Philippines—or as I call it, The Fatherland, since my dad was born and raised therefor the first time. Love these old photos of his parents/my grandparents. That top photo is so my grandma.

Sporadic posting is possible while I’m away. If not, see you when I get back in a couple weeks.


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  1. What exciting news! Bon voyage, Jenny!

  2. Have fun the old pics!

  3. Looking forward to your posts when you return! Thank you for the inspiring posts!

  4. These are beautiful!!

    Have a wonderful time Jenny!

  5. love old photos like these. have a wonderful trip 🙂

  6. Beautiful photos.. good luck and bon voyage!

  7. Wonderful photos Jenny!

    Have a fantastic trip and be safe. Can’t wait to hear about it all when you return.

    Also. Is Australia still on the cards? Did you touch base with Louise?

    xx Charlotta

  8. Hope you have an incredible time! Aloha…