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[lisanne photo via urban outfitters blog]

This locket jumped off the pages of Frankie at me today. Two things I love, lockets and home, in one. The story behind their creation is equally beautiful (and relevant to my current life).


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  1. Gorgeous necklace. How are you liking Australia?
    I actually just reblogged an image of your which I had saved for ages – a gorgeous one of seashells – i hope you don’t mind! If readers click on it they’ll link straight to your blog.

  2. Lovely – how are you adjusting to your new home?

  3. This is so sweet! Thanks so much for stopping by today. It’s nice to discover your blog.

  4. Hi Emma, Australia is treating me very well so far. Just looking for a job now. Thanks for asking!

  5. thank you so much for featuring my work, it means a lot to me!
    love, lisanne

  6. of course, lisanne! such beautiful work. congrats on your frankie coverage ๐Ÿ™‚