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Shannyn Sossamon has such a unique look. I wish she was in more stuff.




  1. I love your blog. I put it on my blogroll.

    xx THE CHEAP

  2. cool, thanks!

  3. i’m a bit of an eyebrow snob lately and oh my word.. hers are definitely top-10! just started following last week or so. love the blog!

    ps: i just so happen to be named… a u b r e y and was delighted to learn that an aubrey road existed! xo

  4. love your name! there are many aubrey roads all over the world. did you know charlie sheen lives on an aubrey road? winning.

  5. Jenny, love this post. This is the stunner from that quirky 40 Days and 40 Nights isn’t it? I remember thinking she was gorgeous – and I agree she needs to be in more. Get kind of sick of seeing the same old predictable faces!
    Sigh – I wish i could suit dark hair, i get bored with blonde!
    Rachelle from The Blue Room

  6. I completely fell in love with her in A Knight’s Tale, way back when. I read that she was a DJ before she got into acting. Maybe she’s doing that?

  7. i so agree!

    and strange, because i was just thinking about her the other day and how i would love to look like her…