mr. o’loughlin

[alex o’loughlin photographed by robbie fimmano for gq australia]

Australia has this ruggedly handsome thing on lock.

Now, how cruel is fate that I shared an island with one such Alex O’Loughlin and we never crossed paths once (so he could fall in love at first sight with me)? I’ve seen almost every actor from Lost and I think I saw Grace Park about a hundred times during my last month in Hawaii.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    April 8th, 2011 at 9:42 am


  2. Yes, please.

  3. Wow!!

  4. bet he doesn’t listen to toni braxton.

  5. HA! i bet you’re right!

  6. Tell me where I can find while I’m still on Oahu…

  7. denise, i hear he lives in the diamond head area and hangs out there and kahala! i know ppl who have seen him but i was never lucky enough! let me know if you are…

  8. i saw him at Uncle Bo’s on Kapahul! he sat right behind me, no more than 2.5 feet away πŸ™‚

    he’s also on the cover of Honolulu Magazine this month.

    <3 him!

  9. shut up! the jealousy. who shot his cover? i hope some pbc-ers got to go and report back. i left at the wrong time, clearly.

  10. i think mark arbeit shot it and kristin went. i haven’t gotten a chance to talk to her much about it yet.

  11. they shot a couple of scenes at my homebreak. saw his beauty from a far. then only Dan-o paddled out, shucks

  12. hi joey! nice to see you here! i’m jealous that you got to experience his beauty, even if it was from a distance πŸ™‚