the rocks

Australia has some of the most crazy awesome rocks I’ve ever seen, especially near the oceanβ€”β€”something I remember about Sydney from my first trip here as a kid.

Ironically, I could describe my time here so far as a little rocky. With the exception of the incredible, kind and generous people I have been so fortunate to meet and make friends with, nothing has seemed to go quite right. I’ve even wondered if my generally good luck is reversed in the Southern Hemisphere. I hope things start to turn around soon (and I can get back to blogging regularly).


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  1. Hope you doing fine !! and these pictures are so beautiful !!

  2. Sorry you are having rocky start in Australia. I’m sure things will start to turn around soon. Take care and thanks for the blog. You find the most beautiful images that always brighten my day!

  3. Beautiful photos! Hope things start getting better soon and I look forward to your always inspiring posts! I think theses little moments of unluck help us appreciate the good ones so much more. I know the good ones will be heading your way soon!

  4. wah. i feel so sad to think you will breeze in and out of my life like a leaf in the wind. OR SOMETHING. that’s it. i’m moving to hawaii. and becoming a pro surfer with my own bikini line. OR SOMETHING.

  5. Hey, I love your blog and rarely comment. I just wanted to say that I moved half way around the world 18 months ago just before Ireland went bust and found the first year a struggle. However I would say it has worked out and Im having fun now. Perseverence and believing in yourself pay off in the end. I hope it works out for you xx

  6. thanks, everyone. i appreciate the support/feedback πŸ™‚

  7. Hi Jenny, the name of your blog caught my eye (I have a brother, Aubrey) so I visited and then all the gorgeous pictures caught my eye. Hoping your luck returns and the rocks gets smoother. x