[sunday six] obsessions

Six things I was obsessed with this week:

1. Royal National Park. I went on a mini road trip here this weekend. Wattamolla Beach blew me away. There’s a little river with a waterfall that leads to the sea, and a beautiful beach in between. It truly felt like a dream (photographed above with the QuadCamera app).

2. Josh Garrel’s voice. I heard his music for the first time in the sweet surf film Gum For My Boat, and I have been listening to “Jacaranda Tree” and “Don’t Wait For Me” all week.

3. This kitchen. Black and neutral kitchen perfection photographed by Lindman via Plastolux.

5. Tigerlily candles. I love when stores include scent as part of the shopping experience. Tigerlily has a small line of candles that all smell subtle, sexy and incredible, and one is always burning when you walk in. The “Beatnik Bohemian” ginger and sandalwood candle has a nice tropical vibe that reminds me of Hawaii.

5. Gelato Messina. This place, in Sydney’s Darlinghurst neighborhood, has turned my lactose-intolerant world upside down with its dairy-free sorbets. The “coconut pandan” flavor tastes like every amazing sweet, sticky rice dessert (like Filipino bibingka) I’ve ever loved rolled into a creamy sorbet. I went back for seconds in the same night.

6. Neon nail polish. Thanks to Veronica, I am now a neon convert. Every time I look down at my nails, I feel a little happier. And the cheaper the polish, the better. Currently it’s Ulta 3 “Tahiti,” which was on sale at the drugstore for $3.




  1. Just downloaded Josh’s album. My favorite is Rabbit & the Bear. SO GOOD. Thanks for introducing!

    xx THE CHEAP

  2. hahaha! that’s the same el cheapo brand of my neon yellow – seriously why would i pay more? miss you. xo

  3. Ooooh I love hearing about 6 things you are into at the moment. I’m going to listen to Josh’s music now!xx