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This week I wanted to ask six inspiring ladies I admire, the same question. I’m glad I did, because I love what each one had to say. Click through their photos to see their sites.

“There’s this quote by Frank Lloyd Wright that I always come back to, ‘The longer I live, the more beautiful life becomes. If you foolishly ignore beauty, you will soon find yourself without it. Your life will be impoverished. But if you invest in beauty, it will remain with you all the days of your life.’ I feel like creativity is something that is really innate, though greatly enhanced by a keen sense of your surroundings. Being consistently aware of how people live, how spaces are designed, the colors and textures of things in nature…it makes for an endless source of inspiration. I think that awareness also helps me approach design in terms of not only aesthetics, but function as well.

I cultivate my creativity by exploring and revisiting the world I live in daily. I see a girl with a face that may not be considered ‘beautiful’ by regular standards, I take her photo and then I dig deep, until I find her heart, her passions. I’ll turn to the sea when my brain feels defeated. I’ll stare at a moving cloud until I see inspiration. I’ll shut off my phone for hours so I can lock eyes with my beautifully enchanting son all to understand his curiosities. I live in the moment. I look up at the buildings of my outrageous city, down at the cracks on the sidewalks, inside people’s hearts and out the window of speeding taxis for that flash of inspiration. The world is full of so much to love. And every bit of love helps me create the world I want to live in.
“If I don’t immediately cultivate the creativity that is gifted to me from above, it quickly vanishes into thin air! I’ve once heard, ‘We are most like God when we are being creative’ and have since chosen to live by those terms. It’s a gift, and it’s an honor to be able to be considered an artist. That in itself is motivation enough to take ideas and simply run with them!”

“By being aware of everything—sometimes the most simple sense or tiniest detail can spark a bigger idea. I keep all of these daily observances in a notebook which I carry everywhere I go, I don’t leave home without it.”

“My world provides so much inspiration; books, art, conversations, blogs, nature and more…It all sparks me in different ways. But without alone time those sparks would not produce a flame. It’s in solitude that I process all that sense data and turn it into something original, personalized and expressive. For me, creativity is cultivated in a very introspective and private place, often lonely even. Without that, ideas may be pretty or clever, but they don’t reach that deeply meaningful state. And it’s that meaningfulness that is the goal of creativity for me.”

“I would say that my brain is like a scrapbook that never runs out of pages. I’m constantly seeing things that I like and filing them away in my brain-scrapbook to use in my own life whenever appropriate. The internets is like a virtual explosion of ideas and I guess I just use my own filter to take in what I like and store it away for later. My eyes are always on the look-out. Could be a woman crossing the street in front of me wearing an awesome outfit, could be the color combination in my daughter’s latest drawing—whatever it is, my brain is there to file it.


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  1. Thank you for including me, Jenny!

  2. What a great post – so interesting to read about all these talented people and what makes them tick. Jenny are you able to add a follow up post on where you get your creativity from? x

  3. Absolutely inspiring! Thank you for sharing, Jenny! 🙂 Sure helps kick-start my week and get the creativity spirit up! Have a great day!!
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  4. What a great series Jenny, love!

  5. thanks for choo-choo-choosing me! also, i like how you’ve labelled me a “TRIPPER”. xo

  6. Great series. I found you through Veronica {lux+trip} I’m your latest follower.

  7. many thanks to the participants and the commenters. rachelle, i think you may be the only one interested in that info!

  8. Really nice post! I also love the lay out of the post, very nice!


  9. What a wonderful idea! I really enjoyed reading these women’s thoughts, so inspiring!

  10. This is such a wonderful post! Love the bloggers you’ve highlighted – some old friends and I’ll be checking out the rest.

    Have a lovely week!