[sunday six] mikoh

I don’t care which hemisphere I’m in, June is summer to me. To kick off the first Sunday of the season, I asked Oleema and Kalani Miller, the sweet sisters behind the beautiful swimwear brand MIKOH, to each share six things they love about summer.

OLEEMA (above right)
1. Tavarua, Fiji. My favorite destination—winter, spring, summer or fall—Tavarua will always be on my mind.
2. MIKOH Reunion top and Bali bottom. My favorite go-to MIKOH bikini. I’m obsessed with the floral print and bright Bahama blue color.
3. Missoni beach towels. I can finally put my Missoni towels to good use after they’ve been hiding in my linen closet all winter.
4. Shiseido sunscreen. I’ve been using this sunscreen since I was little—the smell of it actually reminds me of summer, the beach and the ocean.
5. White Moleskin. I’m obsessed with Moleskin notebooks and everything white. This is the perfect combination for scribbling, sketching and journaling.
6. Bob Marley. Nothing better than driving down the coast, windows down, blaring some Bob Marley.

[tavarua photo: neil farrin]

1. MIKOH Biarritz dress. This dress is definitely a favorite. It’s perfect for the beach and it can be dressed up for night.
2. Gardening. We planted a garden for my mom for Mother’s Day, and I realized that I am pretty much obsessed with being in the garden, tending to the plants. I can’t wait until we can finally harvest! Fresh vegetables for salads and juicing…heavenly.
3. Brett Dennen. I have been a big fan of Brett Dennen for a few years, and I have been loving his new album, Lover Boy. Perfect weekend tunes for hanging in the park, taking a drive or anything actually.
4. Kindle. I got a Kindle for Christmas and fell in love. Being on the road pretty much 24/7, it allows me to read and virtually carry an entire library anywhere. Right now I’m reading Modoc and I’m having a hard time putting it down.
5. Surfing. My boyfriend has been taking me surfing a lot and I have fallen back in love with the sport. We have such a great time in the water, being part of nature.
6. Beach cruising. I went to the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) for college and fell back in love with this city. During the summer, I still love to ride around on my cruiser. It’s fun to put the dogs in the basket and ride down to the beach—it brings back memories.

[surf photo: dane peterson]

Thanks, ladies! Happy Summer.


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  1. I like your series, lovely to read it on a sunday..

  2. I live in Portland, Ore. and June is NEVER summer weather, but we call it summer anyways. Right now I am in Florida and it is definitely summer! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Can I just say Kalani is the luckiest girl in the world tehe 😉

    xx THE CHEAP

  4. Brett Dennen is wonderful. I saw him live in a local bar. It was a beautiful experience!