on my way

My time in Australia is up for now. Although things didn’t always go as I would have hoped, this experience has pleasantly surprised me in many ways for which I can only be grateful. I made beautiful friends, gained good work experience and lived by the beach—with a whole lot of time to think, see and explore a new country. For now, it’s back to Hawaii. Summer, here I come.


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  1. Bye Jenny .. have a safe journey home (well, sort of home .. at least home for now). Bestest wishes in your new life (-:

  2. happy travels..welcome home.

  3. I’m happy for you to be going back to Hawai’i. I couldn’t picture you being in Australia for the entire winter:)

  4. Have a safe return journey!

  5. wah. wah. wahhh. but yay for summer. and for blogs. and for waffles. i’m so glad i can stop in at aubrey road for a cup of tea 24 hours.

  6. Hey Jenny, Hope you have a good trip back and lucky you going straight into another summer! Enjoy! And keep posting xx

  7. have a save trip back to your home, where ever it is! I admire people who dare to explore and live life…

  8. ooohhh fun!! which island are you moving to? i secretly believe that i will one day live in hawaii when i’m sick of the usvi. safe travels.

  9. Happy travels back home! I admire your courage to go experience a new place, even if it’s not for the long haul, I guarantee you got something incredibly valuable out of it. 🙂

  10. thanks for the support and comments, everyone!