[sunday six] the guys

I consume a lot of media, most of it created for and by women. To vary the perspective, I also really enjoy reading select men’s magazines and blogs. I know there must be more out there that I would like, so I asked six of my favorite “man bloggers” for suggestions for
men’s blogs that women probably don’t know about but might like. I was going to just do one for each, but they gave me such great stuff, I’m including two. Here’s to an ever-exploding reader feed.

1. Matthew of Johan + Francoise recommends:
One Man’s Style. It’s rad. Four simple images every post. When I first found it, I went through every post all the way to the beginning. It took me three or four days.
Secret Forts. Amazing blog that covers everything that a guy loves and even things you didn’t know you love. It’s a lot of man nostalgia.

2. Justin of Day of the Dreamweavers recommends:
You Might Find Yourself. I love when a blog manages to fit in a wide range of subject matter and You Might Find Yourself does this well. There’s plenty of nice clothes on there to bring you in, but stay for the links to good longform articles and the posts about cinema. There is life outside the world of menswear blogs.
Jjjjound. There’s a glut of moodboard blogs on the web. There are plenty of crappy, unoriginal ones but also some pretty good ones too, chief among those being Justin Saunders’ Jjjjound. Although I wouldn’t strictly call it a men’s blog, it does project a distinctly male point of view. I look at Jjjjound and it reminds me more clearly than any other site like it of a quality of life that I aspire to. Updates are infrequent but lately Saunders has been posting regularly on The GQ Eye Tumblr.

3. Ed of Quality Peoples recommends:
Decapitate Animals. I stumbled on to this blog quite recently. Amazing, extensive collections of images based on themes. Fully detailed notes and sources. All original sources. You have no idea how hard it is to put posts like these together until you actually try it. This person is very talented and most likely suffers from heavy insomnia.

An Ambitious Project Collapsing. A collection of awesomeness. Textiles, vintage clothing, pottery, art, furniture, photography, colorful signs, etc…often with a nod towards organic shapes we’ve seem to have lost touch with in the digital age. Always on point.

4. Cory of I Drifted Off for a Moment recommends:
Anotherfaceinthecrowd. Personal blog of Greg Washington, an interactive art director based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Includes his own photos as well as stuff he likes and stuff that inspires him and makes him wonder.
Minoru Blvd. Personal blog of Richmond, British Columbia based Luis Valdizon. Includes photographs of food, products, spaces and people.

5. Chris of Rad Not Sad recommends:
Quality Peoples. Mexico/Hawaii based clothing line with a strong surf-art-culture aesthetic.
Yimmy’s Yayo. Edgy and occasionally distasteful subversiveness. It’s hard to look away.

6. Nicholas of A Time to Get recommends:
Jake Davis Blog. From the far reaches of the menswear map to personal style to music to flat out creative inspiration, Jake Davis brings a steady flow of the things you wish you had and never even knew you wanted. A filmmaker by trade, Jake shows us all how to do what you love to do and look good doing it.
Sartorially Inclined. A mole in the fashion industry, Sart Inc gives us a glimpse of the wizard behind the menswear curtain. As a PR insider, Lawrence is able to get sneak peeks at the pieces you will want before the stores you’ll buy them from even see the line sheets. Smart, witty and always brings the flavor.

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