the ones

Why must the most flattering sunglasses for my big face come with a $360 price tag?
“Campbell” sunglasses gorgeousness courtesy of Mr. Tom Ford.


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  1. I tried these on today too! They are so perfect. If you like these check out Tom Ford’s Bachardy glasses. The frame is a little lighter but also has that chic wayfarer vibe. They retail for more like 250 online.

  2. sweet, thanks. i think i prob tried those on too. i love them all!

  3. Isn’t that how it always is?! They are gorgeous though!
    Much love,

  4. I have the same problem, I’m waiting for SALE on my Armani one…but they told me “it’s a new collection, you have to wait :)”…so I’m waiting…
    very nice blog! greetings from Milan..i d a

  5. Unfortunately for me there is a direct relationship between cost of a pair of sunglasses and how quickly I lose or ruin sunglasses.

    The more expensive I am for sure going to drop them or scratch them or leave them at the checkout at Whole Foods or my locker at the gym.

    Cheaper ones I can’t get rid of…

  6. true story, jim! i have the same problem.