There’s something about sitting in a dark, air-conditioned theater alone in the middle of the day watching a beautiful film that makes you laugh and cry and think about everything important. Needless to say, I really loved this movie.


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  1. I love that I am not the only one who loves going to movies alone – it is such a wonderful refueler!
    Much love,

  2. I love going to the movies alone too! Especially in the middle of the day! I love it so much that I’ve encouraged a couple of my friends to try it and they love it too. It’s great to go on a date with ourselves sometimes, right? Great movie. I cried like a baby (reminded me of my dad) but it was great, visually lovely too! xo

  3. that just melted my heart, i need to see it.

  4. i havent cried in a movie in awhile and this did it for me. Ewan is just so damn sexy too. Loved it!

  5. I adore Ewan Mc Gregor and I am waiting for this movie! I’m glad to hear that it was good.

  6. That is really interesting…

    can’t wait to see it ♥

  7. oh god – wasn’t it a great movie!