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One of the things I’ve been obsessed with this summer is watching every episode of Parks and Recreation. Swanson slays me in this clip, but April Ludgate is my idol for life.


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  1. Love this show! This episode stands out as a favorite for me because of its depiction of Anne and Leslie’s relationship. It’s nice to see a friendship between girls that mirrors the kind of friendship I have with my girlfriends.

  2. their fight was classic. love them too.

  3. My husband and I recently went back and watched every single episode of P&R – don’t know why we didn’t get into watching it until this season, but this episode is my favorite of them all. I cannot tell you how many times we watched Ron Swanson dancing in that damn hat. HILARIOUS.


  4. “jerry’s on the roof” so much rooffle.

  5. don’t you feel like this show just gets better and better? can’t wait for the new season… it’s like the only good thing about summer coming to a close!