Love the brilliant book
Paris 48°49N 2°29E by photographer Ami Sioux. The second in a multi-city series, in each “Ami asks 50 of [the city’s] inhabitants to hand-draw a map to a place of their choosing, a place that is significant or important to them personally, for any reason. She then uses the maps to navigate to each location and take a photograph to represent each location.” The result portrays “a side of each city as interpreted by those who live and work in it every day. It’s not a ‘guide’ to the new cafe or club, but rather, a unique way of discovering different parts of the city.”


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  1. That’s such an brilliant and unique premise for a book. It really shows you how differently people see the places in which they live.

    So interesting…thanks for sharing! It’ll probably end up in a Christmas gift bag this year!

    xx THE CHEAP