1. beautiful picks, as usual. love the color scheme that’s happening here!

  2. The color scheme – yes, i love it too! I could live in these photos…

  3. i am deeply in love with this whole look. you are a genius, my friend – never forget. the composition of this is ON FIRE

  4. This is lovely!! Happy bogging and Friday to you!

  5. fire!

  6. lovely atmosphere!

  7. I found a set of six of those wicker Probber chairs at the thrift store for $80. I was with a client out shopping for the first time and felt guilty buying them for me when we were there for her (she hated them). I tried to go back afterwards to grab them, but they sold just a few minutes earlier to this local dealer.

    Suffered weeks of regret followed by despair. Will never think twice about grabbing something again.

    They are weirdly one of my favorite chair designs.

  8. heartbreaking! i would scoop up those bad boys in a hot second.

  9. such a peaceful look~ i’m really liking it!:)