1. I too have been daydreaming of the ipad lately. need it

  2. Great list! I hope someone gives you _Beginners_. That’s one of my favorite movies from this year.

  3. girl, I think you meant to say “plane tickets to SYDNEY”

  4. I cant wait to see that film, have it on my queue. I’ve heard great reviews and the story is based on the director’s own life. Great list!

  5. So many people are wearing those Minnetonkas. I’m kind of obsessed with them. A girl I know has a pair that is gray but with a flannel pattern in the middle..so cool.


  6. I really wish I’d seen Beginners (we had plans to and then I went into labor the day before, actually–so good reason). I’d forgotten about it, but now I have to run out and rent it!