california calls

Leaving for LA and SF today. I’ll be up there for most of February, so hit me up if you want to meet up!

[Photo: DAY19]

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  1. Safe travels – love SF!

  2. Jenny- I am a huge fan of your blog, and find much inspiration from your posts. If you are in Venice (LA) on Abbot Kinney, I would love to introduce myself to you. You can find me at the Juicy Leaf (we sell succulents, cactus and airplants!) and I am almost always there! I hope to meet you when you are in LA (Abbot Kinney is always worth the visit!)

    Have a great trip~

  3. I just recently moved to SF but am loving it here, and am an avid admirer of your blog and aesthetic! I’d love to meet you and take you to some jems in the city I think you would appreciate πŸ™‚

  4. would love to meet up jenny! i’m in LA πŸ™‚ x