pink petals

[sepia beauty]
“Coming Home”

The moon has its eye on her tonight.
Sitting at the corner
of the center of the universe.
Watching lights change,
cars and clouds pass.
Everything stays the same,
spinning, stable.

While they sleep
the quiet work of growing
up gets done.
Little girls get big,
climb cherry treetops
and fly away.

Tiny footprints disappear
from slate sidewalks,
blow away like pink petals
and no one knows
where they go.

In dreams,
she will cross and recross
these streets,
cities, countries, seas.
But it’s here she returns to rest.
To sit and spin,
with the earth,
with the past and the present.

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  1. Read your blog, then ran into this:
    Funny. Beautiful, have a wonderful day!!!