bare feet. healthy tummy. fresh juice. a big white bed. ocean. sunscreen smell. outdoor showers. little waves. no worries. the perfect song. long flowy dresses. bikinis. clean skin. wet hair. salty eyelashes. kisses. love. quiet. new sights. familiar feelings. peace. kindness. buffets. seafood. sandy sheets. sun. shade. shell scavenging. secrets. naps. no computers. no phones. a hot tub. nightswimming. sunset. lots of candles. cold drinks. lazy lounging. magazines. everyone together. plumeria. turtles in lagoons. mint. a good workout. skinny jewelry. laughing. talking. his face. awe. inspiration. only now.
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  1. sounds like heaven x

  2. beautiful – a perfect list of wants.

  3. This sounds like the most perfect day ever. Every single thing on that list is perfection. What I love is that most of the things on your list remind me of beach trips growing up. Time spent with family and simple, sweet things.

  4. Love this, for its genuine nature and its perfection–those all sound amazing.

  5. sounds perfect! love your blog