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The work-to-beach (and blog) ratio has been a little off this summer. Good thing there’s still time to remedy the situation.

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in this heat

In this heat
we gather ourselves
and hold together
day folding into night
we press for darkness
as if the heat
would steal away
like some errant ship,
vanquished by the moon
and stars,
we close our eyes
the night half-swollen
with the whispers of the day.
Out, across the way
a dog barks.
Tonight I hold your
hands between my palms.
Afraid of yesterday.
Uncertain of tomorrow.
Outside the moon pales
against the window
as shadow laps across
the sky.
Sleep flutters
like burning incense.
We curl into darkness
and are gone.

WILLYCE KIM, “In This Heat” (excerpt)

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