take it easy


“Life is not a tension anywhere except in the minds of humanity.
To take life with ease, without any tension, without any hurry—
that is not laziness, that is easiness.”


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drink up


AM | Nettle Infusion
I was initially interested in nettle to help my slow-growing hair pick up the pace a little. However, I’ve started to crave a liter of this infusion first thing every morning. It has a nice, clean green tea flavor and gives me a little energy boost without the caffeine. I add 4 cups of boiling water to a glass jar with two tablespoons of loose nettle, steep overnight and strain in the morning. Also refeshing with ice (for muggy island mornings).

PM | Beauty Elixir
I’m obsessed with all things Cap Beauty, including their signature warm elixir with homemade non-dairy milk, tocos, adaptogenic herbs and the best coconut butter around. This is also a good base recipe to experiment with other ingredients, such as pearl powder or cacao. I was recently gifted Zapoteca Mesomerican Chocolate Elixir from New Mexico. Adding just a tablespoon of this blend of chocolate, coconut sugar and cacao nibs makes for a rich, soothing night cap.

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let go


“We have to let go of the suspicion and doubt, which hurt us more than what they are supposed to defend us against.”


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let’s be honest

honest beauty 1

Let’s be honest: I don’t wear mascara on a regular basis anymore. It’s great for special occasions but I hate taking it off and I hate waking up with it under my eyes for an extra-haggard start to the day.

But I do want to look more awake (without lash extensions), so it’s beauty balm to the rescue. After a tip from my makeup artist friend, I just curl and apply some balm to the lashes with my finger. It holds the curl and the lashes look defined and healthy with a slight natural sheen.

Honest Beauty Magic Balm works great for this, as would any other light natural balm.

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