cream of the crop


If I could marry a cream, it would be this divine masseuse-in-a-jar. Kush Creams are infused with with CBD oil, the anti-inflammatory, non-psychoactive part of cannabis that is legal in all 50 states. The Organic Permafrost version with menthol in it is akin to a supercharged, highly-effective icy hot for anywhere on your body where you feel pain. It’s been a game changer for my jaw, neck and shoulder tension and drastically reduced the frequency of my headaches.

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snack time


Six years ago, I blogged about how Ellie Krieger’s chocolate fig and ginger truffles converted me to into a fig lover. I’m still a huge fan of this unique flavor combo, but I wanted to make a version free of refined sugar. After a little tinkering, I hit the snack jack pot with these easy-to-make bites. I’ve been making a double-batch for the week that I keep in the freezer. They’re nutrient dense and delicious with some homemade golden milk.

Recipe my own, inspired by Ellie Krieger’s Fig & Ginger Truffles, with background photo via A Sweet Pea Chef.

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