summer salad

Kelaguen is a Chamorro dish from Guam similar to ceviche, except when using chicken as the protein, it is always grilled beforehand. This light and healthy chicken salad is perfect for summer meals or gatherings. Commonly eaten with rice or tortillas, I like this Americanized version of chicken kelaguen (sans fresh coconut) with coconut tortilla chipsSiete tortillas, or as-is. Avocado is also perfect with this.

Thank you to the Yanger family for allowing me to share the recipe. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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snack time


Six years ago, I blogged about how Ellie Krieger’s chocolate fig and ginger truffles converted me to into a fig lover. I’m still a huge fan of this unique flavor combo, but I wanted to make a version free of refined sugar. After a little tinkering, I hit the snack jack pot with these easy-to-make bites. I’ve been making a double-batch for the week that I keep in the freezer. They’re nutrient dense and delicious with some homemade golden milk.

Recipe my own, inspired by Ellie Krieger’s Fig & Ginger Truffles, with background photo via A Sweet Pea Chef.

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I am fully on board with the four-part docuseries, Cooked, from Michael Pollan on Netflix.

In my own experience, taking control of the food I make is empowering–not only for my health but overall wellbeing. As Pollan eloquently shows, cooking has a hand in so many parts of life. I feel it in everything from my mood, to my creativity, generosity and even financial health.

Awhile back I went to hear a talk given by Mark Bittman. The state of our country’s food system/politics/policy is deeply disturbing/infuriating/depressing. His advice? Create your own personal food policy. What is food to you? And do your best to eat whatever that is with the resources you have.



Spaghetti with tuna and caper sauce | super easy weeknight meal, also great with zucchini noodles

GP’s favorite chicken salad | yummy snack or light dinner with my favorite crackers

Raw almond pulp fudge | good way to use leftover nut pulp from making milk; instead of pressing it into brownies, I just roll them into balls and freeze for easier eating.

Coconut water kefir | I’m experimenting with homemade kefir, using this starter, Waiola coconut water, raspberry puree and lemon juice–so good.

More recipes here.

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winter salad

I’m not usually one to crave a salad, but I’ve eaten this one every day since Christmas. The recipe comes courtesy of Gwyneth Paltrow (thou who never leads me astray) and it’s delicious. I just swapped the dried cranberries and walnuts for pomegranate seeds and maple candied pecans, axed the goat cheese and added some protein. Game changed.

Recipe here.

+ How to seed a pomegranate
+ Maple pecans: 2 c. pecans, 1 T grapeseed oil, 2 T maple syrup, 1/2 tsp. sea salt, tossed and then baked at 350 for 15 mins.

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it’s time

My favorite foods, my favorite holiday. I mean, what could be better than stuffing and gratitude?

Happy Thanksgiving.


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