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I carry an “M” in my mother’s handwriting on my inner arm. The first of many influential M’s in my life, my Mother, Mary. There’s also my grandmother, my goddaughter, my dog and my lover, but it’s the first M who gave me life and has truly been the greatest gift in my life. When I see it, I feel stronger. It also heartens me to think that inside of us, there are generations of mothers whose names we don’t know who brought us to this place.

I thought my mom would be mad when she saw it for the first time. Instead, she hugged me. If you ever need a tattoo artist in Hawaii, I recommend my friend Steven–he’s the only person I trust to permanently mark my body.

Poem: Nayyirah Waheed

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You may not believe in magic
But don’t you think it’s strange
The amount of matter in our universe
Has never slightly changed.
That all which makes your body
Was once part of something more
And every breath you ever breathe
Has seen it all before.
There are countless scores of beauty
In all the things that you despise
It could once have been a shooting star
That now makes up your thighs.
And atoms of forgotten life
Who’ve long since ceased to roam
May now have the great honour
To call your crooked smile their home.
You may not believe in magic
But I thought that you should know
The makings of your heart were born
Fourteen billion years ago.
So the next time you feel lonely
When this world makes you feel small
Just remember that it’s part of you
And you’re part of it all.


Photo: Max Wanger

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cream of the crop


If I could marry a cream, it would be this divine masseuse-in-a-jar. Kush Creams are infused with with CBD oil, the anti-inflammatory, non-psychoactive part of cannabis that is legal in all 50 states. The Organic Permafrost version with menthol in it is akin to a supercharged, highly-effective icy hot for anywhere on your body where you feel pain. It’s been a game changer for my jaw, neck and shoulder tension and drastically reduced the frequency of my headaches.

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snack time


Six years ago, I blogged about how Ellie Krieger’s chocolate fig and ginger truffles converted me to into a fig lover. I’m still a huge fan of this unique flavor combo, but I wanted to make a version free of refined sugar. After a little tinkering, I hit the snack jack pot with these easy-to-make bites. I’ve been making a double-batch for the week that I keep in the freezer. They’re nutrient dense and delicious with some homemade golden milk.

Recipe my own, inspired by Ellie Krieger’s Fig & Ginger Truffles, with background photo via A Sweet Pea Chef.

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